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Workers Compensation Marketing for Doctors

What is Workers Compensation Marketing for Doctors?

Workers’ Compensation Marketing for Doctors is the process of increasing the number of Work Comp Referrals to Doctors and their Medical Practices. There are a variety of ways to do this and the marketing strategies will depend on the state you are in. View the Workers Compensation Marketing Plan we use.

Why should Doctors consider
Work Comp Marketing?

diversify payer mix

1. Diversify your Payer Mix

Ask yourself this: Where do most of your patients currently come from? Most doctors usually admit it’s from just one or two sources, such as Medicare, MediCaid, Personal Injury, or Auto. Now ask yourself this: What would happen if one of these referral sources dried up? If you are like most practices, then this would be a big problem for your top line. This is why it is important to not rely too heavily on one particular referral source.

With Medicare and Medicaid payments becoming increasingly unreliable, Workers’ Compensation cases can be great way to diversify your payer mix. By increasing your practice’s percentage of work comp patients, you are “future proofing” your practice to survive in the event of any decrease from your current sources of patients.

all year round

2. All year round

Do you live in a state which is affected by the seasons? If so, then you will know that at certain times of the year you have more patients than at others. The great thing about workers compensation patients is that they are usually all year round. This means they are a regular, constant supply of new patients even during ‘low season’.

back to work

3. Help get patients back to work

Besides the financial benefits of growing your practice with work comp cases, it is also intrinsically rewarding to help return patients to work. In most states, employees earn less when they are collecting workers compensation benefits, so the large majority of patients actually want to get better and go back to work (but of course, this is not always the case!) Are you a talented doctor who can help navigate them back to work?

What clients say about our work

  • " greatly increased our work comp volume by connecting us to adjusters and nurse case managers who handle cases in oru state. They also handled all the contracting side of things"
    Tera W.
    NeuLife Rehab
  • "What a great niche service! Within a few months, I was contracted with all the major MPN networks, plus introduced to the adjusters and TPAs choosing doctors from these networks."
    G. Wexler M.D
    Orthopedic Surgeon

Our Workers Compensation Marketing Plan for your Practice

work comp marketing for doctors

Add Yourself To The Directory

List yourself in the only National Directory devoted to Workers Compensation Doctors. Make it easy for Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys to find you.

work comp marketing for doctors

Appear TOP of Search Results

Want to get ahead of other Work Comp Doctors? Choose one of our Paid Plans to appear Top of Search Results for your specialty and area.

work comp marketing for doctors

Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports showing your Number of Page Views, Calls, and Emails. Want to see how effective your listing is? Sign up to one of our Paid Plans and we'll send you monthly reports with all the stats.

work comp marketing for doctors

Inclusion in Newsletter

Every month we send an E-newsletter to Workers Compensation Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys in your state. Choose one of our Paid Plans to be featured in this newsletter EVERY MONTH.

work comp marketing for doctors

Workers’ Compensation Contracting

Are you listed on all the Workers' Compensation Networks, Panels, and Plans? Are you showing up on insurance companies' list of approved providers? If not, we can help. Our Work Comp Contracting Specialist will help contract you with all the major plans in your area.

work comp marketing for doctors

Marketing to 50 Work Comp Adjusters, NCMs, & Attorneys / Month

Depending on the state, direction of care is influenced by Adjusters, NCMs, and Attorneys. We promote you to 50 of them a month, reminding them of your qualifications and availability to accept new Work Comp cases.

work comp marketing for doctors

CEU Webinars

Present to over 100 adjusters and case managers via a CEU Webinar and position yourself as a leading workers' compensation doctor.

How much do our Workers Compensation Marketing Plans cost?

Are you or the doctors at your practice interested in increasing your number of workers compensation patients? helps doctors to do exactly this. Depending on how motivated you are to grow the work comp side of your practice, we offer 3 different packages, ranging from a FREE option to more pro-active paid options

Dr. Richard Girling
CEO & Founder

Need more info? Contact Us!

Are you ready to start increasing your number of work comp patients? Our CEO & Founder, Richard, can answer all of your questions on Work Comp Marketing.


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