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Why is it so difficult to find a good Work Comp Doctor? How to refer to Workers’ Compensation Doctors in- and out-of-network

The daily work routine of a work comp adjuster or a nurse case manager revolves around finding the best possible doctors who can provide medical treatment of the best quality and get the patient back to work as quickly as possible. But the task is not an easy one. There are all so many factors to take into account! For example:

  • Does the doctor accept work comp cases?
  • Does he or she accept new patients?
  • Are they on the XYZ network?
  • Do they accept out-of-state-insurance?
  • Are they Board Certified?

The list goes on and on!

As you search for the doctor and tick the boxes one by one, you often find that there aren’t many doctors in the area that meet all the necessary standards. You’ve just spent hours on the phone, speaking to doctors and their office staff, asking all these questions, and you still can’t find a doctor for your case. What do you do next?

Use a Work Comp Directory

First of all, trying to locate doctors in the generic online directories, such as Yelp, ZocDoc or even Google, is not going to work for you if you’re trying to find a doctor who not only accepts work comp cases, but meets all the other criteria set up by your company or the patient you’re working with (depending on the state you’re in).

For example, perhaps you need to make sure that the doctor accepts DOL cases. If you’re using the mainstream search engines, the only way of finding that out is to call multiple practices and ask.

In other words, your best chance at finding a doctor you need is to use specific tools that will allow you to browse doctors by the work comp-specific criteria. At ALL doctors accept work comp cases, but that’s not all. You can also filter doctors by their network participation (and only view doctors’ profiles who are on, say, DOL, Rockport, or any other network). There’s also an option to only view the profiles of doctors who accept out-of-state insurance.

Other Work Comp Filters

Network participation isn’t the only filter available in our directory. You can also filter physicians by their Board Certification status, IME Panels participation, whether they are an EMA, a walk-in clinic, or if they work on weekends (and many others!). We cater the directory especially to work comp specialists’ needs to save their time they would normally have to spend calling medical practices. In fact, we also made it possible to email the doctor or the designated work comp specialist at the practice directly via their profile in our directory. That way, the process of scheduling a work comp patient is easier and quicker than ever before.

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Currently, there are various physician directories available on the internet, yet there is only one that is fully devoted to workers’ compensation doctors –! If you have given a try to one or two directories in the past, but you were not satisfied with their quality or the information they provided, don’t get discouraged! Thanks to our directory, you won’t ever have to wonder again if the physician whose profile you’re interested in accepts work comp or not, we only list those doctors who accept this type of insurance. Are you interested in what network they are contracted with? If they are open on weekends? Or what languages they speak? You will find all the answers in one place! Forget about calling practices and making sure they do treat work comp cases, instead call them to schedule an appointment for your employee! Don’t waste your precious time and try the workers compensation doctor directory today!

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