Telemedicine for Work Injuries

We all knew that one day telemedicine for work injuries would become more common. What we didn't know is that it would be so soon. With the arrival of COVID-19, and the subsequent lockdown, telemedicine has never been as popular as it is today. This is, in part, also thanks to a relaxing of regulations by the AMA, allowing doctors to use any software and treat patients online in any state. This applies not only  to regular healthcare appointments, but also for workers' compensation appointments. But, for many patients, all this change can be confusing. Whey are not sure about how to schedule a telemedicine appointment for a work injury, who pays for it, how much it costs, what happens if surgery is required, among many other questions. This page aims to answer some of these questions.

Can work injuries be treated via telemedicine?

Yes, certain work injuries can be treated via telemedicine. Of course, this does not apply to all injuries, for example those requiring emergency medical treatment or surgery. However, for many non-emergency work-related injuries, telemedicine appointments can be conducted online.

telemedicine for work injuries

How can I schedule a telemedicine appointment for a work related injury?

If you would like to schedule a telemedicine appointment for a work injury, you can do so at For doctors who accept telemedicine appointments, there is a separate button on their profile, allowing you to schedule an appointment online, instead of an in-office visit.

How much do workers' compensation telemedicine appointments cost?

The cost of a telemedicine appointment will depend on the doctor's office. The fee, however, is usually paid for by the insurance carrier or employer.

What if I need surgery for a work injury?

Of course, if surgery is required, then this cannot be done online! A separate, in-office appointment will need to be scheduled. Your doctor or surgeon will be able to provide you with more specific information.

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