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How do Work Comp Adjusters choose which Doctors to refer to?

The answer to this question will - of course - vary from state to state. However, in many states (e.g. Florida and North Carolina), it is the Adjuster who decides which doctor will treat the injured worker.

But how do adjusters go about this decision making process? This article aims to answer that question.

1. They select the doctor from a Workers' Compensation Panel or Network

Many states uses a "Panel" or "Network" system, whereby the insurance company (or employer) will choose a doctor from a pre-approved list of providers known as a "Panel" or "Network". For example, Workers' Compensation Law in the State of Georgia requires each employer to have a panel of 6 doctors. Injured workers must choose one of the doctors from this panel.

The system is slightly different in other states, such as Florida, whereby the list of doctors (known as a "Network") is much larger. These networks are private companies which usually sell access to their list of doctors to the employer or insurance company. There are different business models, but most of them make money by requesting that doctors accept below state fee schedule and this cost saving is pocketed by the network.

What does this mean to me as a doctor?

It means that you should list yourself on as many panels and/or networks as possible. The more you are listed on, the easier it will be for employers and insurance carriers to access you.

It also means that you should make sure you are listed correctly. Is your contact information correct? Are you still showing up under a previous practice name, so they are getting your calls instead of you? Are you listed under all possible variations of your specialty (e.g. "orthopedic surgeon" and "orthopedic knee" or "pain management" and "interventional pain management")?

2. They ask their colleagues who they recommend

Have you ever been on the inside of a Workers' Compensation TPA or insurance company? It varies from company to company, but it usually looks like your typical office room full of desks. It's quite common for one adjuster to turn to the desk of another and ask:

Do you know a good orthopedic surgeon in Orlando?


Do you know a good pain management doctor in Raleigh, NC?

In the world of Workers' Compensation, reputation is everything. If you can build a reputation for providing objective medical evaluations and treatment, and make time to speak with adjusters & nurse case managers, then you are more likely to be recommended among adjusters to their colleagues.

3. They look online

Despite the availability of networks and colleagues, many adjusters still resort to "Googling" workers compensation doctors. This is where coming at the top of search results - a process known as SEO - is important. Read more about medical SEO.

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