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If you’re a work comp adjuster or a Nurse Case Manager, you know how big of a challenge it is to find a good doctor that accepts work comp cases. Every single member of this community can share their horror stories of cases that just wouldn’t go away because they made the wrong choice when selecting a physician. Some doctors simply lack experience with work comp. Others are plain difficult to work with. In some cases, the office staff is the problem - they neglect to return the necessary paperwork on time, are unresponsive, or unorganized - basically making your job a living nightmare. Is there a way to avoid referring patients to such practices and make sure you choose the right doctor every single time? 

3 Ways to Find a Doctor Who Accepts Work Comp

As a case manager, you have a few ways of locating work comp doctors that handle cases in your area:

1. Work Comp Plans and Networks

First, you are sometimes obliged to choose a doctor within a specific network. Your employer has either an internal list of Preferred Providers, or cooperates with a work comp network, for example Coventry, Corvel, etc. The only problem is, the network doesn’t always cover every area - what happens if you happen to have a case in a location where there aren’t any doctors contracted with the network your company uses?

2. Google

You can of course google doctors in the area, however, how can you be sure the office accepts work comp cases? You sometimes spend hours browsing doctors on the internet, and then on the phone, trying to find out if they handle work comp. And even if they do, how can you be sure that they know what they’re doing and you’re not sending your patient to a doctor with no work comp experience?   


As a directory dedicated specifically to physicians that accept work comp cases, is your best choice and the quickest AND the easiest way to locate doctors that accept work comp in the area you’re looking for. Our recruiters work tirelessly to make sure our database is up to date. Every doctor is our directory is confirmed as a doctor who accepts workers' compensation cases. 

However - we need help from people like you who work with doctors and can share their opinion about specific providers. If you take your time to review the doctor with whom you have had a good - or bad! - experience, you help other case workers make an informed choice. Help the community by reviewing doctors on - it takes less than a minute! 

Here are just a few examples of reviews that your colleagues have left for the doctors they’ve worked with:

You can see how these opinions can improve your experience when choosing the right physician for your patient. If you want to help other adjusters and Nurse Case Managers, here’s how to leave a review on a doctor’s profile at


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