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Free CLEs - Introduction

Are you a Workers' Compensation Attorney who needs CLE credits? If so, you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list of upcoming CLEs for Work Comp Attorneys and Paralegals. Use the calendar below to find the right CLE for you. You can use the dropdown options to change the State.

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Upcoming Free CLEs

View upcoming CLEs in the calendar below. You can filter by State using the dropdown options.

Free CLEs - FAQs

What is a CLE?

CLE is an acronym for "Continued Legal Education". Depending the state, Attorneys and Paralegals are required a certain number of CLEs per year to maintain their license.

How can CLEs be free?

Sometimes CLEs are sponsored by certain organizations, which means that they cover the cost of CLE credentialing and running the event. This enables the CLEs to be offered at no cost to the Attorneys and Paralegals who attend.

Who runs the CLEs?

The CLEs listed are all offered by third party organizations. compiles the list into one place (one calendar), so that it is easier for Work Comp Attorneys and Paralegals to find the CLEs which are most relevant to them.

CLE Requirements per State

The below table offers information about CLE requirements for attorneys and paralegals for each state.

State CLEs Required Timeframe
ALABAMA 12 hours 1 year
ALASKA 3 hours 1 year
ARIZONA 15 hours 1 year
ARKANSAS 12 hours 1 year
CALIFORNIA 25 hours 3 years
COLORADO 45 hours 3 years
CONNECTICUT 12 hours 1 year
DC No requirements  N/A
DELAWARE 24 hours 2 years
FLORIDA 33 hours 3 years
GEORGIA 12 hours 1 year
HAWAII 3 hours 1 year
IDAHO 30 hours 3 years
ILLINOIS 30 hours 2 years
INDIANA 36 hours 3 years
IOWA 15 hours 1 year
KANSAS 12 hours 1 year
KENTUCKY 12 hours 1 year
LOUISIANA 12.5 hours 1 year
MAINE 11 hours 1 year
MARYLAND No requirements. N/A
MASSACHUSETTS No requirements. N/A
MICHIGAN No requirements. N/A
MINNESOTA 45 hours 3 years
MISSISSIPPI 12 hours 1 year
MISSOURI 15 hours 1 year
MONTANA 15 hours 1 year
NEBRASKA 10 hours 1 year
NEVADA 12 hours 1 year
NEW HAMPSHIRE 12 hours 1 year
NEW JERSEY 24 hours 2 years
NEW MEXICO 12 hours 1 year
NEW YORK 24 hours 2 years
NORTH CAROLINA 12 hours 2 years
NORTH DAKOTA 45 hours 3 years
OHIO 24 hours 2 years
OKLAHOMA 12 hours 1 year
OREGON 45 hours 3 years
PENNSYLVANIA 12 hours 1 year
RHODE ISLAND 10 hours 1 year
SOUTH CAROLINA 14 hours 1 year
SOUTH DAKOTA No requirements. N/A
TENNESSEE 15 hours 1 year
TEXAS 15 hours 1 year
UTAH 24 hours 2 years
VERMONT 20 hours 2 years
VIRGINIA 12 hours 1 year
WASHINGTON 45 hours 3 years
WEST VIRGINIA 24 hours 2 years
WISCONSIN 30 hours  2 years
WYOMING 15 hours 1 year

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