Are you a Work Comp Adjuster, Case Manager, or RN who needs Free CEUs?

Free CEUs – Introduction

Are you a Workers’ Compensation Adjuster or Nurse Case Manager who needs CEU credits? If so, you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list of upcoming CEUs and Events for Nurse Case Managers and Adjusters. Use the calendar below to find the right CEU (or Event) for you. You can browse by category (Adjuster, Case Manager, RN, or Webinar) and also State.

Upcoming Free CEUs & Events

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Free CEUs – FAQs

What is a CEU?

CEU is an acronym for “Continued Education Unit”. Depending the state, Adjusters, Case Managers, and RNs required a certain number of CEUs per year (or per 2 years) to maintain their license.

How can CEUs be Free?

Sometimes CEUs are sponsored by certain organizations, which means that they cover the cost of CEU credentialing and running the event. This enables the CEUs to be offered at no cost to the Adjusters, Case Managers, and/or RNs who attend.

Who runs the CEUs?

The CEUs listed are all offered by third party organizations. compiles the list into one place (one calendar), so that it is easier for Adjusters, Case Managers, and RNs to find the CEUs and Events which are most relevant to them.