We asked hundreds of Workers’ Compensation Nurse Case Managers and Adjusters what they desire most in a Work Comp Doctor. Was it the medical school the doctor went to? Or perhaps his/her qualifications? The results may surprise you! Keep reading to see what they said!

The question we asked them was:

Which information do you need when choosing a Work Comp Doctor?

The possible answers (including user-generated answers) were:

  • The doctor’s experience
  • How quickly they can see the patient
  • The doctor’s reputation
  • Having the right specialty and location
  • How quickly the office returns the paperwork
  • A list of services (e.g. surgery, IMEs) which the doctor performs
  • Doctors who accept the state fee schedule
  • Have staff email address
  • Doctor’s education
  • Friendly office staff
  • Work comp philosophy
  • Network participation
  • TIN
  • Quality of doctor’s reports

The Results

The chart below shows answers to the question “Which information do you need when choosing a Work Comp Doctor?”

Graph showing what work comp adjusters look for in a work comp doctor
Figure 1: Answers to the question: “Which information do you need when choosing a Work Comp Doctor?”

As you can see, the most common answers were:

  • How quickly the office returns the paperwork
  • The doctor’s reputation
  • How quickly they can see the patient

Conclusions: Advice for Work Comp Doctors

The results have important implications for doctors who want to increase their number of Work Comp cases:

  1. Doctors should return paperwork to work comp adjusters & nurse case managers as quickly as possible. This factor was the most important factor to work comp referral sources, so it’s important doctors listen to this. Practices which return paperwork quickly are more likely to get repeat referrals. Conversely, practices which do NOT return paperwork quickly should not be surprised if their number of referrals starts to decrease;
  2. Your reputation is important. Adjusters and NCMs care about your reputation. This may be unfair (the fact that they are listening to hearsay about you, instead of judging you on first hand experiences), HOWEVER it does not change the fact that your reputation is important. But as a doctor, what can you do to ensure you maintain a good reputation in the work comp industry? A good reputation is achieved usually with a combination of the following:
    – Good quality of care;
    – Provision of care (and paperwork) on time;
    – Being friendly (and having friendly office staff);
    – Ensuring your online reviews are positive. Read about how to increase your number of 5 star online reviews.
  3. Schedule work comp patients quickly. As the third most important factor to work comp adjusters and nurse case managers, it’s important to them that their patient is scheduled promptly. If work comp patients are an important target demographic for your practice, you may want to consider priority scheduling for them.

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