Are you going to the WCI Workers’ Compensation Conference in Orlando in August? If so, great! We look forward to seeing you there! If not, do not worry – simply make sure you’re listed on then you’ll be promoted at our booth to thousands of Work Comp Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys in attendance.

What is the WCI Workers’ Compensation Conference?

It is an annual, national conference which aims to bring together workers compensation industry professionals. In the words of the Workers’ Compensation Institute:

The 73rd Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference and the 30th Annual Safety and Health Conference focus on national workers’ compensation and occupational safety and health industries.

Who attends the Conference?

Per the WCI website, thousands of people from 46 different states attend the conference. In 2017, people from the following types of organization attended:

Insurance Companies
Temporary Staffing Companies
Insurance Agents
PEO providers
Insurance Brokers
Attorneys (claimant and defense)
HR professionals
Doctors/Health Care Providers
Legislators/policy makers
Risk Managers
Rating organizations


Third Party Administrators
Medical Office Administrators
Case Managers (telephonic and field)
News Services
Premium Auditors
Ancillary Service Providers (transportation, surveillance, interpreters, durable medical equipment, etc.)
Physical Therapists
Rehabilitation Providers (medical and vocational)
Safety & Health Managers/Providers
Occupational Health Experts

I’m a doctor – is it worth me attending?

Work Comp referral sources (e.g. adjusters, nurse case managers, and attorneys) always appreciate ‘putting a face to a name’. However, as a doctor, you also have to add up the cost of attending vs. the anticipated benefit. Taking a day or two away from your practice means thousands of dollars of lost revenue. For doctors who are wary of this, provides a nice alternative. By listing yourself in our directory (the only national online directory devoted to work comp doctors), you will be promoted to all of the work comp adjusters, nurse case managers, and attorneys who walk by our booth.

How will be promoting doctors to Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys at the conference?

Our booth will be set up to show Work Comp Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys how easy it is to use our directory to search for doctors who accept work comp cases. Our vision is for the directory to be ‘the Google of Work Comp Doctors’ – it will be the first place work comp referral sources look for good work comp doctors. As usage of the directory increases, so does the number of doctor profile views, and – ultimately – the number of referrals doctors in the directory receive.

Furthermore, anyone who comes by the booth will have their name badge scanned, so that they can later be emailed a link to the directory.

Remind me again – what’s so special about this work comp directory?

We have been working with Work Comp Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys for years. And for years we have been hearing the same old thing: “Do you know any good work comp doctors in the Panhandle?” or “Do you know any conservative pain management doctors in South Florida?” Desperate to find good work comp doctors, many of them often resort to a Google search, then call 10-20 offices asking each of them if they accept work comp cases, plus if they are listed with the right network/panel. Not to mention other questions like “Does the doctor do IMEs?” or “Does the doctor prescribe from their office?”

Our directory is the solution to all of this. Adjusters KNOW that EVERY doctor in the directory accepts work comp cases. Plus they have additional information, like on which networks/panels the doctor is listed, plus if they do IMEs etc. Plus there is even a way for adjusters to RATE the doctors out of 5 stars – thus providing an indication to other adjusters if the doctor can be trusted with future work comp cases.

As a doctor, why should I list myself in this directory?

Any good marketing professional knows that the future of marketing is making your practice easy for patients (and referral sources) to find. For regular patients, this can be done via SEO for medical websites, or Google Adwords for doctors. However, for Work Comp Referrals, doctors need to somehow make themselves easy for work comp referral sources (Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, Attorneys) to find. This is where our Workers Compensation Doctor Directory comes in. It is the only national directory devoted to listing doctors who accept work comp cases.

Doctors who list themselves in the directory make it easy for work comp Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys to find them. You may also want to check out our Workers Compensation Marketing options.

Further Information about is the only national directory devoted to listing work comp doctors. We make it easy for work comp referral sources to find the doctors they want and need. Interested in listing yourself in the directory? Add Your Listing Now. Or Contact Us with your Questions.

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