Out-of-state Insurances – Introduction

While at the Workers’ Compensation Conference in Orlando last week, I was surprised by how many adjusters and nurse case managers asked the same question:

Do the doctors in your directory accept out-of-state insurances?

Apparently, such doctors are in great demand.

What is out-of-state insurance?

The clue is in the name, but let’s spell it out: Out-of-state insurance is when a patient’s insurance is from a different state.

One adjuster described it to me like this:

I have an employee who was injured in New York, but then moved to Florida. He is now looking for a doctor in Florida who accepts his New York insurance. It is taking me forever to call doctors’ offices to find one who does!

Yes, I accept out-of-state insurance. How can I see more of these cases?

This can be achieved in two easy steps:

1. Ensure you have created a listing the Workers-Compensation-Doctors.com directory. Create your listing now.

If you are creating a new listing, it will be possible to check the option “Accepts out-of-state insurance”.

2. If you already have a listing, you can Login to Update Your Listing. When updating your listing, you will see a list of Workers’ Compensation Insurances. Please check those that apply, including “Accepts Out-of-State Insurance”.

Accepts out of state insurance

Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, Attorneys and Patients will then be able to perform filter searches to find doctors (such as you) who accept out-of-state insurances.

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