There are just 12 days to go until the Work Comp Conference in Orlando on August 20th. The conference will see literally thousands of work comp professionals descend upon the World Marriott in Orlando. It is a fantastic opportunity for doctors to meet the work comp referral sources who can send them cases. This includes:

  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Nurse Case Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Attorneys
  • Other healthcare providers

In order to get the most out of the conference, here are 3 tips for doctors:

3 Things Doctors should do BEFORE the Work Comp Conference on August 20th

1. Ensure they and their practices are on the “Approved List” of doctors

For managed care states (such as Florida), it is almost a waste of time to market your practice to work comp referral sources if you are not on the network or panel they use. The work comp system can be confusing, so the easiest way to understand this is with a diagram (see below).

Figure 1: The Direction of Care of a Work Comp Patient

Work Comp Direction of Care - Flow Chart

As per the diagram, almost all referral sources (Employers, Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Defense Attorneys) go through a Network or Panel. This is why it is vital for doctors to be listed on the network or panel which the referral sources are using. Marketing to these referral sources without being on the right network can be a complete waste of time and money!

Why do Work Comp Referral Sources use a Network or Panel?

There are two main reasons for this. The first, of course, is about money… Networks usually negotiate a discounted rate when contracting with doctors. Their business model is to then approach employers and insurance companies with a list of doctors who have agreed to attractive rates. This saves the employer (or insurance company) money, plus the network also usually collects a percentage of these cost savings.

The second reason is convenience. Networks can offer employers and insurance companies a ready made list of doctors who have met certain requirements (e.g. current medical license, no red flags etc), plus who accept work comp cases and at an already agreed upon rate. It speeds up the process of finding and referring work comp patients to the doctor.


2. Ensure they have a good website and good online reputation

Medical Website for doctors

Imagine this – you pay thousands of dollars to attend the conference (add up the cost of missing patients while you are out of the office, the cost of a booth, the hotel, food & drink, staff costs etc) – then you hand out your card and information to the adjusters and employers you meet. If they are interested in referring patients to you, the first thing they are likely to do is Google you or check out your website. What will they find? Does your website provide the sort of first impression you want? Plus what about that Google My Business online reputation rating which comes up which you Google your name?  How many stars out of 5 do you have?

Why spend thousands of dollars to promote your practice at the conference, if you can’t back it up with a solid online presence?

But don’t worry, it’s not too late! These days, quality mobile-friendly websites for doctors can be build quickly and affordably. Plus your reputation can be improved to get closer to a 5 star reputation! Here are the links and info to help:


3. List yourself in the Only National Work Comp Directory devoted to listing Work Comp Doctors

Thousands of Work Comp Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, Attorneys, and even PATIENTS are now using to find their next Work Comp Doctor.

Why do Work Comp Referral Sources use

The online directory makes it EASY for them to find work comp doctors. They know that EVERY doctor listed in the directory accepts work comp cases, plus it provides very useful information like:

  • The contact info of the Work Comp Coordinator
  • Which Work Comp Networks the Doctor is on
  • The Work Comp Services & Procedures the doctor performs
  • Whether the doctor can do IMEs / Peer Reviews
  • Contact info (e.g. Phone and Email)

How can Doctors track if is generating new referrals?

Work Comp Marketing Report

The doctor’s profile page requires work comp referral sources (e.g. adjusters & nurse case managers) to CLICK on the phone number or email address in order to view it. Each click is tracked. At the end of each month, doctors are then emailed a report showing:

  • the number of profile views
  • the number of telephone number views
  • the number of email address views

I’m a Doctor – How do I list myself in the Online Directory?

Listing yourself in the directory takes just a couple of minutes.

Add your Listing Now.

About is the only national directory devoted to listing workers compensation doctors. Thousands of work comp adjusters, nurse case managers, attorneys, and patients use the directory to find their next work comp doctor. As a doctor, you can sign up for a basic (free) listing, or there are also paid plans which increase your chances of receiving more work comp referrals. Read more about Workers Compensation Marketing for Doctors.

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