What are some of the most common difficulties when trying to find doctors accepting work comp cases?

1. Most online directories don’t list doctors who accept Work Comp cases

The easiest and quickest way to find a doctor is of course the Internet. However, most medical directories don’t state whether the doctor accepts work comp cases or not. You spend time browsing the doctors online only to find out they don’t do work comp. 

Unlike other medical directories, Workers-Compensation-Doctors.com is a directory 100% devoted to doctors accepting work comp, in other words, any doctor you find in our directory is confirmed to accept work comp cases. It makes the process of finding the doctor you need much easier and quicker. 

2. Finding less common specialties

There are doctors of certain specialties that can be difficult to find, especially those who accept workers’ compensation cases. The good news is, in our directory you are able to find less common specialties such as urology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopeadic hand surgery, pulmonology, plastic surgery, and many others. 

3. Finding doctors who are experienced with the work comp industry

Workers’ Compensation industry is very specific. It requires specific knowledge and experience. How can you make sure that the doctor you want to refer to meets those requirements? At Workers-Compensation-Doctors.com we are building a community of Nurse Case Managers and Adjusters and encourage them to leave honest reviews for the doctors they’ve given a try. Does the office return the paperwork on time? Is the doctor familiar with the industry? Help other NCMs and Adjuster making the right choice, and use other people’s experience to make the right choice yourself!  

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