Overusing opioids has become a major national public health problem — and it’s becoming an economic one, too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of deaths caused by opioid overdose has been drastically increasing every year. To put an end to these striking reports and statistics, more and more physicians have decided to use other ways than prescribing opioids to help their patients fight pain.1


If you deal with workers’ compensation cases in Palm Beach County and need to find a reliable pain management physician who is a strong supporter of a non-narcotic approach to dealing with pain, don’t hesitate to contact Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Institute in West Palm Beach. Their core philosophy is to get to the source of the pain and provide interventions and therapies that address those issues, instead of prescribing drugs that mask the pain.

What are opioids and when are they prescribed?

Opioids are narcotics used to ease pain. Opioids do not cure pain. However, they have a habit-forming quality which may lead patients into a terrible trap, where they may no longer have pain, but they have developed a psychological and physical dependence on the drug. Among the most popular opioids are: Codeine, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone and Fentanyl.

What are opioid-free ways to treat pain?

The medical staff at Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Institute believes that acting fast is crucial. Implementing medical treatment at the early stages of an injury reduces inflammation and pain. Inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to any sort of injury; it’s initiated to protect the body from infection. Nevertheless, persistent inflammation may lead to further tissue damage in the injured area. Patients who receive treatment immediately have a better chance of fully recovering and are more likely to avoid taking opioids as a means of dealing with pain. For this reason, it’s important to remember that sending injured employees to a qualified pain management physician as soon as possible may be the key to sparing them from potential adverse consequences and addiction.2


There are several opioid-free ways to treat pain that are recommended by the Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Institute:


 Laser Treatment               

– Steroid Injections

 Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy     

– Prolotherapy Injections


Most of these treatments were described in detail in the previous article, where you will find more information about the services that Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Institute provides.

About Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Institute

Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Institute in West Palm Beach specializes in minimally invasive non-surgical interventions for the treatment of spine and musculoskeletal disorders. Their medical team provides their work comp patients with personalized treatment plans appropriate to their needs. The compassionate staff at the practice realizes that every case is different and requires an individualized approach. You don’t have to worry about finding a trustworthy physician who will do his best to get your employee back on their feet as safely as possible. Contact them today to schedule your work comp referral. View Dr. Gorfine’s Work Comp profile.


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