When an accident happens at work, and you need to send the injured employee to urgent care, the very first question that is likely to cross your mind is: “Which practice will provide quality service in a timely manner?” If you are in Palm Beach County, we can give you the answer right now! Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches is dedicated to giving their workers’ compensation patients the care that they need. The team will make sure that your employee is accurately diagnosed, in a courteous atmosphere, and will return to work quickly, yet safely. Below we present a few common work comp services treated at their practice.

Minor Fractures

If your employee broke their wrist, ankle, foot or finger, there is no need to send them to the emergency room. Why make them wait hours to get help instead of receiving it within minutes? By utilizing modern technologies such as X-ray, the UCPB medical team examines patients and evaluates the type of fracture immediately. Once the diagnosis is made, an appropriate treatment plan will be recommended. Since immobilization of the injured area is usually required for the bone to heal properly, the patient will most likely be put in a cast, splint or brace.

Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts and lacerations are another frequent reason why employees are sent to Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches. Trying to catch a falling cutting device, keeping blades in your pocket, or simply collecting pieces of broken glass may end up in a cut that may not seem too serious at first, but may become a cause for concern if it gets infected. Rash, swelling, pus or excessive pain are all indicators that your employee should see a physician as soon as possible.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are the next common injury that Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches can help your injured employee with. Whether it’s a sprained wrist, ankle or knee, the medical staff will determine the severity of the sprain and treat it in the best possible way. They will also come up with a plan for the patient’s gradual return to everyday activities to prevent re-injury and further complications. Why would you pay a lot of money for emergency room services when Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches can treat your employee at a lower cost and provide the same outcomes?

Back Pain

Many people struggle with back pain due to long hours of sitting at their desks, lifting heavy objects, or even standing for an extended period of time. It can result from either a single action or constant strain on back muscles and ligaments. Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches sees patients with both acute and chronic back pain. Depending on the case, sometimes a simple hot/cold compress will help alleviate the pain, but the Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches team will diagnose the source of the pain and try to eliminate it rather than just mask it with medication.

Asthma Reactions

Being exposed to substances that trigger an asthma attack is quite common although the factors that lead to asthma differ from person to person. For instance, smokers are more likely to develop respiratory issues than non-smokers. Nonetheless, if your employee is having difficulty breathing, experiencing tightness in their chest, or wheezing only while at work, it’s a clear sign that they need to be sent to a physician for evaluation and objective confirmation that it’s a work-related health problem. Even though there are multiple medical treatments meant to control asthma, it’s crucial to determine the exact asthma trigger and avoid exposure to it to prevent permanent breathing problems.

They also provide Occupational Health Services!

Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches also offers Occupational Health services for various industries. DOT physicals, food industry health checks, drug testing, Tuberculosis testing, immunizations and vaccinations are several examples of the services they provide for you and your employees! Contact them for further information.

Would you like to find out about other treatments they offer at Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches?

The above-mentioned services are only a drop in the ocean. Urgent Care of the Palm Beaches has a lot more available. Contact them today to learn about the wide range of treatments they offer. For the convenience of their patients, their practice is open after business hours and on weekends to provide medical help 365 days a year! What’s more, they respect your time and always send out the work status reports to all parties involved in a timely manner after the patient’s appointment. Find out more about all three of their locations in Palm Beach County by visiting their website or view Dr.Salehi’s Work Comp Profile.

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