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How to find the best available Workers Compensation physicians for your employees?

Accidents at work happen every day and not only construction workers are at risk of getting injured while on duty. Even those employees who work in a seemingly safe environment, such as an office, may trip over something lying on the floor, or stumble down the stairway. When an accident occurs, and someone gets hurt at work, they may need medical treatment as soon as possible. Now the question of where to find a reliable physician who accepts workers’ compensation pops up in the head of the employer. It’s often a tough nut to crack. If you are looking for the answer to this question, this article will most likely come in handy for you.

Key elements to focus on while searching

When you finally sit down and start searching for workers compensation physicians that would be most appropriate to treat your employee, you have to bear in mind that there are certain key elements you should pay attention to that will help you make the right decision. Remember that those physicians who provide high quality work comp services are the ones who are accessible whenever you need them, have great reputations and relevant experience, provide medical reports and paperwork in a timely manner, apply evidence-based treatments, focus on bringing the employee back to work as soon and as safely as possible, are aware of the workers’ compensation claim process, and of course maintain good and clear communication with all the parties involved in the claims (employee, employer, payer, etc.).

How to build a working relationship

Sometimes choosing a physician can be a bit of a lottery. You found a doctor, however, the truth is that you don’t really know too much about them except for several pieces of information regarding the services they offer that you came across on their website. Will that relationship work long-term or will it finish before you know it? A successful relationship with the doctor you picked that would be based on trust should start from clearly determining your expectations from the very beginning. You may want to establish with the doctor when you first speak with them that you will continue your relationship if the services provided will continuously be delivered on a high level. Be open and communicate to the physician right away what type of measurements you will utilize to assess his performance and what do you anticipate e.g. regarding filing the DWC-25 form to avoid future misunderstandings.1

How to identify the best available physicians in the area

There are various ways to filter through dozens of practices available in your area and single out the doctor who is actually reliable and will be a perfect match for your injured worker. Some employers, while searching for workers’ compensation physicians, often consult their colleagues and ask them for advice. Others reach out directly to work comp departments of well-respected employers located nearby and ask them for some recommendations. Both are quite good solutions, however, there is one more thing you should try whenever you are looking for workers’ compensation doctors – online physician directories. You only need to visit the relevant website, type in the specialty that you need along with the area, hit search and within seconds you will see the results. Professional directories will be user-friendly, valid, and list those physicians who have great credentials. In one of our previous articles, we share several useful tips on what makes a good physician directory and what you should pay attention to while deciding on which one to choose. Not all of them are the same!


Currently, there are various physician directories available on the internet, yet there is only one that is fully devoted to workers’ compensation doctors -! If you have given a try to one or two directories in the past, but you were not satisfied with their quality or the information they provided, don’t get discouraged! Thanks to our directory, you won’t ever have to wonder again if the physician whose profile you’re interested in accepts work comp or not, we only list those doctors who accept this type of insurance. Are you interested what network they are contracted with? If they are open on weekends? Or what languages they speak? You will find all the answers in one place! Forget about calling practices and making sure they do treat work comp cases, instead call them to schedule an appointment for your employee! Don’t waste your precious time and try the workers compensation doctor directory today!

Workers Compensation Doctors

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