Wednesday March 20th 2019

1 CE hour approved for:
  • Nursing: RN, LPN, ARNP, CNA nationwide
  • Nursing Certifications: CCM, CRC and CDMS nationwide
  • Adjuster: AK, AL, DE, FL, GA, ID, IN, KY, MS, NC, NH, NM, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT
  • CA Adjuster: WC Post-Designation
  • FL OT
1 CE hour pending for:
  • FL PT
  • AAPC: American Academy of Professional Coders
  • Adjuster: LA, MN, MT
Course Objectives:
  • Describe the anatomy and function of the TMJ
  • Define the terms TMJ and TMD and learn how to recognize symptoms and possible treatment based upon those symptoms
  • Identify normal parameters of TMJ and identify common TMJ injuries that occur in work place
  • Review treatment options and implications both long and short term
  • Identify pre-existing issues that could contribute to diagnosis and treatment of TMJ
  • Identify different kinds of insurance coding for reimbursement and the use for each type
  • Identify surgical treatment and the indication for surgery based upon symptoms and/or diagnosis
  • Identify possible claim closure time and costs based upon symptoms and diagnosis

Leigh Kuhns, CRDH, Manager, Clinical Services (Dental)

Photo of Leigh Kuhns, CRDH, Manager, Clinical Services (Dental)
Leigh began her career at One Call as an operations manager for the Dental Care Coordination Team and continues her role as the exclusive dental reviewer for Keenan’s dental program. Additionally, Leigh is leading the Dental Clinical Services Team, which is responsible for reviewing every dental treatment plan that is submitted for appropriateness, relatedness and providing clinical oversight and savings to the customer.
Leigh has 23 years of experience in clinical hygiene and practice management in specialties including prosthodontics, periodontics, general cosmetic and implant dentistry and temporomandibular joint disorders.

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