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Practice name: Southwest Pain Management

TIN: 83-3611266

  • Accepts Work Comp cases
  • Accepts new patients
  • Accepts telemedicine

About the Doctor


I am an anesthesiologist and menor fellowship trained in pain medicine.  I am a dilomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine.  Southwest Pain Management is a patient-centered practice providing exceptional care and effective treatments for patients with a wide range of painful conditions. We are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of acute and chronic pain. We are leaders in treating PTSD and medication-resistant depression. We also treat PTSD. Recovery is just around the corner and relief truly does begin here. We provide the Next Level of care.

The team at Southwest Pain Management specializes in the use of conservative approaches to pain management, helping patients avoid unnecessary surgeries as well as helping them to find alternatives to reliance on pain medications.


  • Anesthesiology
  • Pain Medicine
  • Interventional Pain Management


Robert Wood Johnson (Rutgers) Medical School and Anesthesiology residency

Mentor Fellowship training in Pain medicine


Full service interventional pain clinic with an inhouse procedure suite.  I am able to review claims as an expert and also able to process and take care of workman;s compensation patients. We have in house physical therapy.

Board Certifications

American Board of Pain medicine

American Board of Anesthesiology


  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Hospital affiliations

Advanced Dallas Hospital 502 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75231

Network Participation:

  • Accepts Out-of-State Insurance
  • Aetna
  • DOL
  • Multiplan

IME Panels

  • ExamWorks
  • MES Solutions


  • Accepts telemedicine
  • Board Certified
  • Fellowship Trained
  • Accepts legal cases (PI/Auto/Work Comp)
  • Online Scheduling available
  • Expert Medical Advisor (EMA)
  • Peer Reviews
Sheila C.

After months of unbearable back pain, I discovered Southwest Pain Management in Irving, Texas. Their approach is unique, focusing on interventional techniques. I opted for the Discseel injections, and the relief was more than I could have hoped for. Their detailed information and care plan on their website really helped me understand what to expect. I'm finally on the path to recovery, thanks to their innovative treatment.

Steve M.

Going to this clinic has been a game-changer for me. Dr. Groysman and everyone there really listen and care. They've helped me a lot on my journey to feeling better. They're always there to support and understand what I need. I'm really grateful for how they've helped me heal.

Heather H.

I wish that I could give Dr. Groysman and Southwest Pain Management more than 5 Stars!! My 11-year old son had an appointment to see Doctor Groysman for his Long Covid in November 2023. Doctor Groysman sat with us and discussed our son’s condition, he recommended supplements to help him, and then performed a Stellate Ganglion Block. My son has had Long Covid since he first had Covid in 2020, when he was eight. Since then, he has suffered with constant nausea, full-body nerve pain, loss of mobility, stomach pain and constipation, bladder issues, brain fog, anxiety, and PEM, as well as other symptoms. The day we went into Dr. Groysman’s clinic, my son could barely move his legs, and he screamed in pain if we manually moved them. We had to bring him into the clinic in a wheelchair. A short while after the procedure, though, my son walked out of Dr. Groysman’s clinic with very little pain (with me pushing the empty wheelchair behind him)! It has been a month since we went to see Dr. Groysman and my son is no longer in pain, he is not nauseous, he says his brain is clear, he is not anxious, he is having regular bowel movements, he is sleeping better, and he is so happy! We feel so incredibly blessed to have found Doctor Groysman!! He is intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated to helping his patients! The entire staff at Southwest Pain Management is also just so lovely! They were kind, patient, and caring! We are so very grateful for Dr. Groysman and Southwest Pain Management!!

Avery H.

Dr. G is very caring, compassionate, and thorough, and is willing to think outside of the box, which is a huge plus in my book. Krysta is amazing at what she does and is giving me relief from chronic pain I haven't felt in years! AND the office staff, medical assistants, literally everyone I've interacted with in the office has been so friendly which is so refreshing and honestly so rare these days.

Carol W.

a month ago My buddy recommended Southwest Pain Management when I told him about my knee troubles. I was hobbling around, and surgery seemed like the only option. But these guys offer alternatives, and I'm glad I listened. They talked me through what was happening and laid out my options. I'm not running marathons yet, but I'm moving around a lot better. They've really helped me out.

Patricia J.

Exceptional care at Southwest Pain Management. Dr Groysman helped me with my neck pain. Innovative treatments, expert staff. My chronic pain is finally manageable. Highly recommend.

S. Owner

Words can never fully express the deep gratitude my husband, our child, our other children & I have for what you have done for our daughter, & our family ❤!! Having our daughter/sister able to get out of bed, eat, drink, & do things she has not been able to for many years has been life changing for all of us!! Our hearts were broken & aching 24.7 for her. We spent HOURS researching for 5.5 YEARS. Hubby & I could barely sleep & we would research things all night long for YEARS. Our daughter had some great improvements in 2020 & was doing so well until c19. That started a whole bunch of new issues, brought back many of the former ones, & threw our family into the eye of the storm again with non-stop medical issues, heartbreak, etc. There are still some medical challenges (EDS, Lyme, injuries from the EDS, etc) she is dealing with, but with her being able to get out of bed, eat, drink, & function like never before, we feel like we can take on the challenges of the other issues with pep in our step & that she WILL find full healing in the future!! What you & your staff do for people suffering is INCREDIBLE!! We tell EVERYONE about the healing found via the SGBs for her & they are in awe when they see her. We are able to share with them that there is a HUGE difference in providers/ that NOT all providers who do SGBs have the same skill, not all of them have the same protocol with C4 AND C6, that you do NOT use steroids like many other providers do, you use ULTRASOUND guidance, etc. Not only have you helped her with POTS/dysautonomia, LC, digestive issues, vagus nerve inflammation, etc., but it also helped her NECK PAIN, which our local pain doctor's PA said that an SGB would NOT help her neck pain. He kept pushing steroid injections, even when I said they are contraindicated with someone with EDS... he said one injection "should not" cause her any harm, but we were not willing to take that risk because she has had so many other reactions, side effects, etc that were supposedly "rare". I asked EVERY cardiologist, GI, etc we saw the past few years about c19, asked if it could have caused the issues, etc & was BRUSHED off.. YOU are different! You LISTENED! The SGBs helped far more than any other treatment. Thank you for giving a voice to the suffering people of all ages, the parents of the children you have helped (some of us parents have LC along with our child/ren & can't even try to help ourselves because we are so overwhelmed caring for our suffering children who can't even get out of bed most days), etc. You have changed not only the course of her life, but the quality!! She is sharing her story, what you are doing for suffering people, & trying to help others find healing too. Thank you for what you do for the suffering people!!

Tawhid K.

Dr.groysman is a doctor we should all love and cherish. He is a doctor that goes out and beyond to find solutions to problem. He is willing to listen to all of your problems and find the best solution for you. A doctor who cares for his patient. I highly recommend taking a consultation from him if you or your loved ones are suffering from long covid or VAX injury. He is a gem of a doctor.

Lynn W.

Dr Groysman helped our teen to recover from POTS via 2 dual injection SGBs. We are so very grateful!!

N. Renz

If you are on the fence about seeing Dr. Groysman for Long Covid symptoms let me just say, go for it! He gave me my life back! I was so depressed with my parosmia, anosmia, anxiety, and brain fog. It was so hard to function. Dr. Groysman and his team are incredible. They are so sweet and are truly concerned about your health. He takes the time to truly listen to you and walk you through everything he is doing. I will forever be grateful to him and his team for helping me through my darkest time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Kristy K.

I really like Dr. Groysman and the staff. They are very busy, yet they take the time to listen and respond. The office is definitely a happy place. I have every confidence that my pain will be appropriately addressed. I have a complex case, so sometimes one injection does not give the relief I wanted. Dr. Groysman is sensitive to my pain and keeps working on it.

Collette P.

Dr Robert Groysman and his Staff are wonderful I truly appreciate them for everything they did for me today during and after my surgery.

Becky P

Dr. Groysman and his team are absolutely amazing! We came from Rhode Island to see the best of the best! We are blessed to say that my daughter, after suffering 2.5 with long haul COVID and Parosmia, is cured of her symptoms! She had the SGB shot. Southwest Pain Management called us the next day after the procedure to check on her. She had a slight issue, and so Dr. Groysman called us. After discussing, we decided on a third shot. Dr. Groysman didn’t want her to get on the plane with her not feeling just right. He came in on his day off, as well as Dawn to perform the procedure!. He and his entire staff are so caring and welcoming and made my daughter feel so comfortable. Dawn held my daughter’s hand through the procedure. Dr Groysman followed up with me on the Saturday personally to check on her again. I can’t say enough about Dr. Groysman and all of Southwest Pain Management. Also the clinics is pristine and welcoming. My daughter has a new lease on life. We are forever grateful. We are so glad we made the trip!! Thank you Doctor Groysman and Southwest Pain Management!

Teresa P.

Dr Groysman is a very knowledgeable professional in his field. We can’t wait to meet him in person and have this procedure done.

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