Maurizio Albala, MD

Maurizio Albala, MD

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Practice name: Pain Relief 1 - Joints, Nerves, & Spine

TIN: 84-4826622

  • Accepts Work Comp cases
  • Accepts new patients
  • Accepts telemedicine

About the Doctor

We treat the whole person by diagnosing and treating the root cause of the pain—leading to better long-term outcomes.

About Dr. Albala

Skills in Multi-modal Pain Management

  • Interventional Pain Procedures:

simple, complex and advanced procedures, 10-20 procedural encounters (with multiple procedures and according to complexity), fluoro- or US-assisted, including:

  1. Spinal procedures (all spine levels): 
    1. Epidural procedures
    2. Facets and SI (diagnostic and therapeutic injections and RF ablation),
    3. Disk procedures
    4. Vertebroplasty
    5. Spinal Pumps and Stims Implants
  2. Soft tissue: 
    1. Muscle invasive re-conditioning
    2. Joint injections
    3. Knee and hip nerves ablation
  3. Nerves: 
    1. Sympathetic system treatment
    2. Peripheral nerve treatment
    3. Antineuropathic and Antidepressant treatments
  • Medical management
    • Pain relief with multi-medications,
    • Proper, safe & effective use of opioids,
    • Coordination with Psychology, Psychiatry, Addictionologists
    • Prevention of escalation 
    • Managing integration with PT/OT, prosthetics, electrotherapy, and pain
    • Antineuropathic and antidepression infusions 


  • Improvement/solution of specific Persistent Pain complaints/techniques, e.g.
  1. Spine and soft tissues pain
  2. Sacroiliac pain combined treatments
  3. Headache/Migraine (medical and invasive treatments)
  4. Post-surgical pain (spine surgery, inguinal herniorraphy, limb amputation)
  5. Pelvic pain
  6. Neuropathic pain (Neuromodulating IV infusions, sympathetic blocks, stims)
  7. Cancer pain and integration with palliative care
  8. Bio-Psycho-Social approach to Chronic Pain Syndromes, Pain & Addiction


  • Interventional Pain Management
  • Pain Medicine


  • MD, anesthesia and PM&R residency in Italy,
  • Orthopedic medicine (DU) in Paris,
  • Anesthesiology residency and cardiac anesthesia in the Harvard system,
  • Pain Management fellowship at Tuft University


Diagnosis, medication treatment, mini-invasive procedures, spine implants

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Anesthesiology (BC anesthesia and BC Pain mgmt)


  • French
  • Italian

Hospital affiliations

  • St Elizabeth Appleton
  • Thedacare Appleton

Network Participation:

  • Aetna


  • Accepts telemedicine
  • Board Certified
  • Fellowship Trained
  • Accepts legal cases (PI/Auto/Work Comp)

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