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Cape Cod Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

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  • Accepts Work Comp cases

About the Doctor

At Cape Cod Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, P.C. we concentrate on returning injured people to their activities fitter, faster and stronger than they were before they were injured.

Our main office is in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Our expertise is in knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, foot, and ankle injuries and the treatment of joint arthritis. We have developed surgical and rehabilitation techniques focused on cartilage, tendon and ligament repair, regeneration, and replacement.

Professional athletes, amateur athletes, and everyday people come to our office from around the Cape and around the world for state-of-the-art accelerated care. Our orthopaedic experts see patients throughout Cape Cod and take orthopaedic trauma calls at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Our team includes health professionals organized around a central theme:

  • Provide the best medical care possible
  • Listen and respond to patient needs
  • Be as efficient and convenient as possible for the patient

Cape Cod Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine & PC includes physician-surgeons:


At Cape Cod Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, P.C. we have providers, DME, PT/OT, and Occupational Medicine all under one roof which allows us to return WC patients to work much quicker. 

At Cape & Islands Occupational Health we can partner directly with your business to develop a customized plan to meet the specific needs of your company. We offer a variety of employment physicals to confirm your employees can perform duties required of the job. Now offering Department of Transportation (DOT), preemployment, Coast guard physicals, and in the future many other clinical services. Combining convenience, excellent care and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • General Orthopedics
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Foot&Ankle
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Hand&Wrist
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Hip
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Knee
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Shoulder
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Sports Medicine
  • Physical Therapy


  • Orthopedic:  knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, foot, and ankle 
  • Physical Therapy
  • Workers Compensation
  • Occupational Medicine


  • English


  • Board Certified
  • Accepts legal cases (PI/Auto/Work Comp)
  • Online Scheduling available

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