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How can using our Online Directory of workers compensation doctors make the lives of Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, and Attorneys easier?

First thing on Monday morning, before even drinking a cup of your favorite strong coffee, you find out that you have three new cases that require a pulmonologist in Tallahassee, neurosurgeon in Brooksville, and cardiologist in Fort Lauderdale. Does that sound familiar to you?

If the answer is yes, have you ever experienced a moment of frustration after realizing that you need to search for a specialist for your patient in the area where it’s almost impossible to find a good and reliable physician who actually accepts work comp? In such situations, where all hope seems to be lost, physician directories come in handy.

Not all physician directories are the same

Maybe someone has advised you to use it, maybe you read an article that recommended utilizing it, or maybe you simply came across it by accident one day, but you must have heard of physician directories. They are meant to help registered nurses, adjusters, and nurse case managers to find the physicians that they need.

There are many directories available on the internet, but one of the problems is that not all of them are useful while looking for workers compensation doctors since they simply don’t list them or make it unclear whether or not they accept this type of insurance. Below you will find some tips on what makes a good physician directory and what you should pay attention to while deciding on which one to choose.

Useful information

When you finally have a moment to sit down, type in the google browser “workers compensation doctors physician directory”, hit the very top website, and start checking it out, pay attention to the information that it provides. Can you search by the specialty, location, work comp network? When you visit the physician’s profile, does it show their credentials, contact information, services provided?

The more advanced directories will also include language spoken at the practice, whether or not the physician accepts new patients, if they work on weekends, or whether they accept legal cases. What is very useful in making a decision on which provider to choose are physician’s reviews, they may ensure you that a particular doctor will be a good fit for your patients’ needs.


Another important thing to take into account is validity of the directory you’re using. One of the biggest issues you will face is their inaccuracy. Very often information provided is outdated or not complete. You don’t want to call a practice that doesn’t even accept workers’ compensation, do you? You also wouldn’t like to ask for Dr. Smith who, as it turns out, left the practice three years ago. Among number of directories, it might be a challenge to find a reliable one, but one you do, stick to it!   


Next question you should ask yourself while using a directory is whether it actually is user friendly. Does it frustrate you on a regular basis? Is it Complicated? Can you find the information you need easily and quickly? Or do does it take you a half an hour to finally get an idea how to navigate it?

Best physician directories respect the fact that the work comp professionals are not necessarily the least busy people, and they care about their time. If you can find what you’re looking for within minutes, instead of staring at the screen and trying to figure out where’s the section that you need, you should definitely add such directory to you bookmarks. It’s worth it!

Extra features

Last but not least, a directory doesn’t need to be aimed solely on searching for workers compensation doctors. It is, indeed, its main purpose, but why should it be limited only to this one feature? Look for reliable, valid, and user-friendly websites that also allow you to sign up for a monthly newsletter, so that you can get the latest information waiting for you in your email inbox.

Some of the best directories have blog sections meant to post interesting, helpful, and riveting articles related to work comp. You may even be surprised, but if you search thoroughly, you may even come across a directory that includes forums where you can share your thoughts, experience, or even complaints with other people from the business. Do you need a free CE credit for your license? Some directories offer that too.


Why would you choose what you can get, when you can pick what you want? In order to meet your needs, we have recently launched the very first physician directory devoted 100{7701725506dd45d1fedb2632f1fd6c9e791a18ae1a79de3fe3bb2adba018f7b4} to Work Comp! No more looking through long lists of accepted insurances to find what you need, no more calling practices and making sure they do treat work comp cases. Don’t waste your precious time and visit us today! Finding the physician that you need within seconds is not the only benefit we offer for you. Would you like to receive updates about Work Comp Doctors? Free CEUs in your area? Work Comp News? We can do all that for you!

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Workers Compensation Doctors

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