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Announcing our Updated Directory

We are pleased to announce that has been updated, both on the outside and inside! The directory now has a much more modern look, plus it has many improved functions. This blog post details the changes we have made:

1. Improved aesthetics

The site now has a much more modern feel to it. Here is a screenshot of the updated homepage:

New homepage for

Updated physician profile pages

Plus the individual physician profile pages have also been improved. This means that finding information about the doctor is much quicker and easier.


2. Insurance Adjusters, NCMs, and Attorneys can now Contact You (or your Work Comp Coordinator) Directly

One thing which insurance adjusters, NCMs, and attorneys love is being able to contact the right person at your practice to schedule patients. It can be frustrating for them to call you main line number, be kept on hold, or not reach the doctor or work comp coordinator they need. With our new online scheduling form, you can list the email address which you want them to contact. This can be set as either your email address, or the email address of your Workers' Compensation Coordinator.

New Workers Compensation Contact Form


3. Our Plans & Pricing Page

This page has also been updated, making it easier for you to see what each plan includes.

New Plans & Pricing Page

Depending on how proactive your practice is about increasing new workers' compensation patient referrals, there are 3 packages to choose from. For those with zero budget, there is even a Free (Basic) Package.

About is the only national directory dedicated to listing doctors who accept work comp cases. It is used by Workers' Compensation Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, Attorneys, and even patients. For doctors interested in growing their number of new work comp patients, it is a great tool. There are also add-ons which include Work Comp Contracting, Work Comp Telephonic Marketing, Emailing, and much more. Read more about Workers' Compensation Marketing for Doctors.

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