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5 ways to market your medical practice to workers’ compensation case managers and adjusters

As the world gradually turns digital, every business and practice needs to adapt to stay relevant. Even doctors who usually don’t need any advertising strategies to gain new patients now need to embrace digital marketing to get their name out there. 

The same goes for physicians who want to build and grow their workers' compensation practice. In order to receive more workers’ compensation referrals from Nurse Case managers and Adjusters, you need to ensure that they not only know about your practice, but choose it above other practices. But how can you get them to pick your workers’ comp practice ahead of others? 

Here are five workers' compensation marketing techniques that can help increase your clinic’s marketability, patient referrals, and revenue streams.

  1. Excellent online visibility

According to a study, over 70% of adult patients use the internet to make healthcare decisions, including choosing a healthcare provider. In fact, a survey revealed that 3 in 5 American choose a doctor over another for their strong and compelling online presence. 

This only means that there’s a significant chance that adjusters—or even self-referring patients—will use the internet to find a work comp doctor. So, the first step in growing your work comp practice is to build a strong digital presence. Your target audience should be able to find you online and see your name with just a few clicks. One way to do that is to get your name listed on a credible work comp directory.

Adjusters, nurse case managers, and self-referring patients are more likely to use a directory to easily find and contact a work comp doctor near their area. Belonging in a national workers’ compensation directory can help make your practice visible to your target audience. They can easily view your name, location, contact number, services, and specialty when they click on your page. 

If you can, you should make it a point to become a Plus or Premium client that has a featured profile in the directory so you would always appear on top of search results.

  1. Interact with the adjusters and case managers in your area

Connecting with potential clients is still one of the best practices when it comes to good customer service. So, take the time to research and contact the adjusters and case managers in your area to establish a good working relationship with them.

Engage them in a conversation and use it to discuss your approach and strategies in handling work comp cases. You can also invite them to your clinic to explain in great detail your plan of care in treating injured workers.

A good customer relationship with adjusters and case managers should continue in the long run, leading to a continuous stream of patients.

  1. Utilize Webinars as a marketing tool

Webinars are a great way to impart free, informational content to your audience. More importantly, it allows you to connect to a wider audience, share your expertise, and promote your practice altogether. So, get the attention of adjusters and case managers in your area by providing free webinars that significantly contribute to their careers.

For example, since nurse case managers need CE (continuing education) credits for their license, you can offer free CEU webinars to help case managers earn CE units while furthering their expertise in their field. 

Attending these webinars will serve as a gateway for case managers to get to know you and your practice. In turn, you can also use this time to discuss your services and why work comp cases are your specialty. 

Just make sure that the webinar topic and content is something that piques the interests of your target audience. You can get the help of online marketing teams, like Workers Compensation Doctors, which offers CEU Webinars for Premium clients.

  1. Invest in a high-performing website

Gone are the days when people actually go to the clinic or hospital to inquire about medical services. Now, patients go to the internet to seek medical information or look for a healthcare service that they need. 

So, in a way, an optimized website acts as your clinic’s “front door” that displays credibility and provides accurate information about your practice. Additionally, a website offers a seamless and convenient way for adjusters and other referral streams to reach you or schedule an appointment.

It would be a challenging feat, though, to maintain a website while handling workers’ compensation cases full-time. But the good news is that you don’t have to worry about the digital marketing side of your practice with the help of a great medical marketing agency, such as Red Castle Services. Some of the services they offer include:

Working with a team of marketing professionals allows you to have your site up and running in no time. This, then, means driving better client engagement and earning more patient referrals from adjusters, case managers, and even employers and attorneys.

  1. Maintain an excellent reputation

The healthcare industry relies heavily on referrals and customer perception. So as a doctor, one of the primary assets that you can use to increase patient volume is your positive reputation. If you want a nurse case manager or adjuster to choose you from the vast sea of workers comp doctors, then you should work on improving your online reputation.

Build an excellent reputation online by encouraging patients to leave a review about your services on your website or Google page. You can also work with a marketing team specializing in online reputation management to give your brand image a boost. 

These techniques can help improve your online presence, thus boosting adjuster calls and case manager visits to your clinic.

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