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3 Ways Doctors Can Grow Their Workers’ Compensation Practice

The days of the pandemic may be numbered, but its impact on businesses can still be seen, even for doctors in the medical field. The patient volume went down as doctors adjusted to the “new normal” that is telemedicine, online consultations, and digital prescription. 

Moreover, physicians now need to embrace the new way of marketing their medical practice to different clients and patients. Of course, excellent communication and quality medical care still contribute to cementing your reputation. 

However, if you want to grow your medical practice in this day and age, then you should also utilize the power of the internet in the form of digital marketing strategies.

Here are three effective ways to grow your workers’ comp business and bring in a significant amount of revenue into your clinic.

1. Establish a strong and engaging online presence

According to the CDC, 74% of adults in the US use the internet to search for health-related information. This includes researching a medical condition, scheduling a medical appointment, and looking for a healthcare provider. 

So it’s safe to say that you are probably missing out on a lot of clients and referrals by not improving your online presence. 

There are tons of ways to stamp your mark in the online world一creating informative TikTok videos, utilizing Facebook Ads, or joining in on medical spaces on Twitter.

However, nothing beats collaborating with an experienced marketing team to help you come on top of every search engine results page. A team of workers compensation marketing experts can help develop an SEO plan so you can establish a solid online presence in your field. This includes the following marketing strategies:

  • Website creation and optimization
  • Content marketing through blogs, emails, and newsletters
  • Register your workers' comp practice in the only national directory for workers comp doctors.
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization, so you stay on top of every SERPs.
  • Providing CEU Webinars to attract case managers and nurses.

These practices not only enhance your online visibility but also helps build your credibility as a treating doctor in work comp cases.

2. Grow your reach in your community

Don’t forget that most patients and referrals will come from your own locality. So besides working on your online presence, it’s also essential to connect with the nurses, adjusters, and case managers in the area. These people work directly with injured employees, so they’re the ones who often decide which clinic workers should receive the treatment they need.

Get to know your clientele by meeting with them personally to discuss your unique strategies in handling workers' comp cases. 

You can also reach them online by including them in your monthly newsletters, inviting them to attend your webinar, or connecting through online medical communities. Working with a workers’ comp marketing team can also help you in this aspect since they have a lot of networks in this field. 

For example, they can list you on their Workers’ Compensation networks, panels, and plans so you would show up as an approved provider to insurance companies.

3. Highlight the standard of services that makes you different from other clinics 

Improve your standard of services and medical care to stand out from other clinics in your community. You can do this by running an automated clinic, ensuring quality customer service from your staff, and offering individualized treatment programs. 

Show adjusters and case managers that you do not just provide general treatment options. You meticulously create a plan of care that addresses the injured worker’s specific medical needs. 

Additionally, make it a point to discuss treatment plans with patients while also reporting their progress to their insurance adjuster or case manager. Such practices can help you build an excellent reputation, which helps grow your workers’ compensation practice.

Keep up this approach, and it won’t be long until work comp referrals from inside and outside your community pour into your clinic.

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Build your workers comp program with the help of Workers Compensation Doctors

Workers' compensation referrals are one of the most steady sources of patient volume and revenue for many doctors. If you want to capitalize on this side of your medical practice, then you’re on the right page!

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